2.8 En-Gender Conversations – “Decolonize Academia!”

How should we do academia? How should we teach, relate to others and be a part of this institution called the university? Especially if it is as bad as it sometimes gets … Listen to Melyssa and Mariam and their experiences.

Mariam recommended to read Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life.

Dr. Mariam Durrani is a decolonial feminist, linguistic anthropologist, and multimodal mediamaker. Her scholarship and advocacy are located at the intersection of global racialization, migration, Muslim youth identity, higher education, and the geopolitics of war in the US, Pakistan, and online. Her current book project “The Imperial Optic: At the Intersection of Migration, Racialization, and Higher Education,” based on long-term (2013-19) ethnography at a private Pakistani university and a public US college, broadens the scale and scope of how we understand the impact of the US empire in/and higher education. Her work against anti-Muslim discrimination and the War on Terror began in 2001 as a student writer and continues today, including work featured in Teen VogueMillennial PoliticsVoice of America Urdu(public radio)and Pakistani print and broadcast media. She has taught college students for over fifteen years at multiple institutions, including the University of New Mexico, Hunter College, Aga Khan University, and the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Dr. Durrani is currently a professorial lecturer at the School of International Services at American University. (www.mariamdurrani.com)  

Dr. Melyssa Haffaf is responsible for envisioning, designing, coordinating and implementing the mission and programs of G+JI. She also teaches in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and French Department. Dr. Haffaf holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Paris IV – La Sorbonne and a Doctorate in Literary, Cultural and Linguistic Studies with a focus on Gender Studies from the University of Miami. Dr. Haffaf possesses over a decade of experience in higher education, she previously was the Director of Undergraduate Studies and an Academic Advisor for the Modern Languages & Literatures Department at the University of Miami. She also taught French, Spanish, French/Francophone Literatures as well as Gender and Islamic Studies courses. Her research interests include: North (Africa), France, African diasporas, gender, queer, feminist theory, postcolonial literatures, violence, migration and transnational studies. She is a decolonial feminist who is passionate and committed to gender justice and equity.

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