2.10 En-Gender Conversations – “Religion”

Today we're welcoming Anya and Elyse, two Religious Studies scholars working in completely different fields. But, as usual, we found a lot to talk about! As you know, they had to answer a very difficult question and here are their answers: Elyse: Saidiya Hartman: Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments Anya: Amada Lucia: White Utopias El/yse Ambrose, … Continue reading 2.10 En-Gender Conversations – “Religion”


2.9 En-Gender Conversations – “Femininities and Media”

Saima and Rachel, our guests today, have presented their work at the EnGender 2022 conference. Now they are here to discuss it with each other and you. These are their book recommendations: Saima: Shenila Khoja-Moolji’s “Forging the Ideal Educated Girl” The Production of Desirable Subjects in Muslim South Asia”Haneen Shafeeq Ghabra’s “Muslim Women and White Femininity – … Continue reading 2.9 En-Gender Conversations – “Femininities and Media”

2.8 En-Gender Conversations – “Decolonize Academia!”

How should we do academia? How should we teach, relate to others and be a part of this institution called the university? Especially if it is as bad as it sometimes gets ... Listen to Melyssa and Mariam and their experiences. Mariam recommended to read Sara Ahmed's Living a Feminist Life. Dr. Mariam Durrani is … Continue reading 2.8 En-Gender Conversations – “Decolonize Academia!”

2.4 En-Gender Conversations – “Masculinities”

In this episode we academically matched Rebecca Stewart and Joseph Beilein Jr. whose research on masculinity from different disciplinary backgrounds looks much different at first sight but who had a lot of insights to share and stories to tell. And we all had a lot of fun! The two of them also had to reply … Continue reading 2.4 En-Gender Conversations – “Masculinities”

2.3 En-Gender Conversations – “Eugenics in history & literature”

In this episode we welcome Fatima Borrmann, Amy Carney and Sean Scally to talk about the challenging but fascinating topic of eugenics and gender in history and literature. The three of them also had to reply to our special surprise question and these are their answers: Fatima:Rose Macaulay’s What Not (1918) Amy:Aldous Huxle's Brave New World (1932) Sean:Oxford … Continue reading 2.3 En-Gender Conversations – “Eugenics in history & literature”

2.2 En-Gender Conversations – “Literature”

This time we're meeting with Dr. Roxanne Douglas and Dr. Josephine Taylor to discuss gender in literature. Roxanne and Josie also had to reply to our special surprise question and these are their answers: Roxanne: Mona Eltahawy's 'Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls'Layla AlAmmar's 'Silence is a Sense' Josie:Lola Olufemi's 'Feminism Interrupted'Cleo Woelfle-Erskine's 'Underflows: … Continue reading 2.2 En-Gender Conversations – “Literature”