Engendering the Past, Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2018, New Interpretations

Our first issue; New Interpretations, reflects some of our most distinguished research. In our individual fields of interest, we have used the analytical tools of gender, sexuality, and patriarchy to reinterpret the past.


Click here to download the complete issue: New Interpretations


Foreword (i-ii)

Amanda Gavin, Youthful Transgressions: Same-Sex Male Sexuality and Hierarchies of Masculinity in Renaissance Italy (1-11)

Robyn Skelton, From ‘Romantic Friendships’ to Boston Marriages: Victorian Women in Same-Sex Unions (12-22)

Amy Watson, Masculinity, Public Order and Family: The Opprobrium and Legal Prohibitions  Directed Against Male Homosexuality in England, the United States and Russia c.1880-1960 (23-36)

Aine O’Malley, The Reconstruction of Masculinities from the Victorian and Edwardian Period into Interwar Britain (37-44)

Amber Stout, Contributions to the Rise of Man-Midwifery in Eighteenth-Century England (45-53)

Corinne Groeneveldt, Exploring the Origins and Survival of ‘Churching’ in England, and the Implications of This Practice for How the Historian Should Look Upon Religious Change and Secularisation (54-65)

Jessica Albrecht, Gendered Citizenship, Suffrage and Reproduction in the Writings and Lives of Nineteenth Century French Feminists Jeanne Deroin and Jenny P. d’Héricourt (66-77)

Anna McEwan, To What Extent Can Sex Be Described as a ‘Free Space’ for Women in the  East German Democratic Republic (GDR)? (78-88)


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