En-Gender!, Volume 2, Issue 1, ‘Gender and Biography‘

Until some decades ago, biographies have been about the white, male hero. But does including women into biographical writing change the way in which the individual is seen as a free agent who is “shaped” by his*her historical context?

This edition of En-Gender! investigates how biographical methods influence the way in which we can examine gendered social identities.

We maintain that biographies and biographical studies can be very useful to highlight and analyse the social and historical structures which shape the individual. Gender norms and the identity of the subject are continually constituting each other, and biographies can (or cannot?) be a possibility to examine this relation.

Coming from various disciplinary backgrounds, the authors of this issue engage with the topic of biography and gender from different angles and use diverse theories and methodologies. We hope you will enjoy this issue.

If you are interested in any particular research, do not hesitate to contact our contributors. For now, have fun and enjoy!

Jessica Annette Albrecht Editor