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Jessica Albrecht

Founder & Editor, Social Media & Blog, Conference Management, Podcast Host

Heya, it’s me, Jessica (she/her). I am currently writing my PhD in the Study of Religion, looking at the entanglement of feminism and religion / esotericism in colonial Sri Lankan and Indian history. I also work as a lecturer at the Universities of Heidelberg and Hamburg. When I was doing my Master in Gender History at the University of Glasgow, Anna, me and some other friends had the idea of creating an online journal for sharing our research – and Engendering the Past was born. After a year’s break, I decided to revive it as En-Gender! to create an even greater and broader research community, because I believe that only interdisciplinary research can really bring us two steps forward! Also, I am the one tweeting and annoying you on Instagram and Facebook 😉

Leandro Wallace

Editor, Conference Management, Podcast Host

Hey there! My name is Leandro (he/him/él). I am a PhD Candidate at the Department of Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University. My research focuses on connecting the decolonial/anticolonial work presented in the Colonial Project of Gender, by Prof. O’Sullivan, with the Modern/Colonial System of Gender, by la Maestra Lugones. At the same, putting in conversation the work being done in both continents. Being a part of En-Gender means the possibility to work with and learn from an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers. As well as the opportunity to share and discuss ideas and experiences.

Paridhi Gupta

Editor & Conference Management

Hello everyone, I am Paridhi (she/ her) and I recently submitted my doctoral dissertation at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. My work looks at mobilization practices and modes of organization within feminist protests in India. It makes a methodological intervention into the ways we can study feminist protests and the many lenses we can take to theorize them by combining methods from visual studies and human geography. At the same time, I am also interested in visual cultures in India, especially related to feminist dialogues with public art and thus, public spaces. Currently, I am working on expanding my doctoral work into a broader project. I believe in creating inclusive, interdisciplinary knowledge and writing from a feminist consciousness.

Náila Neves Gupta


Olá everyone! I am Náila Neves, a cisgender woman, feminist Latina from northeast Brazil, and LGBTQIA+ ally. I am P.hD candidate in Memory: language and society at the Southwest University of Bahia State in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil. My thesis was about the barriers to healthcare access by transgender women and travestis in the two cities of Bahia and Brasil. Also, I am a Pharmacist in a Workgroup in the Brazilian n Federal Council of Pharmacy that deals with Pharmaceutical Care for the LGBTQIA+ community and other vulnerable populations. I am working in partnership with 03 research groups: Bahia Observatory for Health Care Networks linked to the Federal University of Bahia (OBRAS/IMS-UFBA), focused on public health, primary healthcare, equity, gender, and health; Centre of Investigations in Feminism and Gender/ Santiago of Compostela University (CIFEX/USC), where we study about gender theory, social memory, gender equality, queer theory, and transgender studies and Research Centre for Natural Products and Pharmaceutical Services (NUPPNAF/ Federal University of Sergipe) aimed in ethnobotanics studies, intersectionality and health, LGBTQIA+ health and pharmaceutical care to vulnerable populations. I am an undergraduate in Sociology.  My research interests are transgender health, LGBTQIA+ health, health education, intersectionality, decoloniality studies, gender studies, public health, and memory studies.  I hope to increase my knowledge here in Engender, share my thoughts, and discuss these themes! 

Dean Leetal


I recently finished my MA, studying non binary gender representations. I published about transness being at the core of fan fiction, and suggested a change in Butler’s theory. I’ve also published about alternative “activism of care” used by online communities to promote disabiliy justice. These days I am co-authoring a book about the trans hero’s journey. I’m an MA thesis advisor, TA and research assistant, at Kibbutzim College and other academic institutes. My critical theory work has won the Zafrir and the Ze’evi awards. For me research, activism and creative writing are fairly intertwined. I was the first out genderqueer person in my country of origin, organized the first group rights and campaign, and edited a literary zine of non binary authors.

Riddhima Sharma


Hi! I am a doctoral candidate at Bowling Green State University, and a Project Scientist at the School of Public Policy, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. I am also the founder of a digital feminist platform, FemPositive. I previously taught courses around gender, law, and public policy at the Research Centre for Women’s Studies, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai as visiting faculty and led numerous workshops around gender, digital media, gender-based violence and law in India. Presently, my research lies at the intersections of digital media, feminisms, and critical feminist pedagogy in India.

Billy Wassell


Hey everyone! I am Billy (they/them). I recently graduated from a Bachelors Degree in Ecology and Environmental Studies from the University of Gloucestershire. My dissertation research investigated the workplace discrimination of LGBTQ+ ecologists. Soon, I will be embarking on a MRes in Gender Studies at the University of Birmingham with my research taking a focus on the emotional work of young, LGBTQ+ environmental activists in the UK. My academic interests lie within the intersections of gender/sexual identity, age and class. Being a young, queer and working-class academic, my academic pursuits reflect my own life. I presented at En-Gender’s 2022 Conference and loved it so much that I’m now part of the team!

Brennan Kettelle


Hi all! I’m Brennan, a second-year research Master of Religious Studies and Western Esotericism at the University of Amsterdam. Prior, I received a master’s degree in Gender & Cultural Studies from Simmons University in Boston, MA. I aim to focus on the study of Western Esotericism while utilizing queer and feminist theories and methodologies. My research primarily investigates both queer currents within esotericism, as well as esoteric themes within queer subcultures and history. My academic interests include nineteenth and twentieth-century occultism, sexuality and magic, astrology, ritual, witchcraft, and New Religious Movements. My current research aims to expand upon critical feminist analyses and reinterpretations of the Lilith myth; utilizing a queer lens, I am currently investigating historical and theoretical associations between Lilith and queerness. I value intersectionality and interdisciplinary collaboration within academia, and am therefore very excited to join the En-Gender team! 

Kristina Göthling-Zimpel


Hello everyone, my name ist Kristina. I am a research assistant at the Professorship for Interkulturelle Theologie und Körperlichkeit at the Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany) since September 2018. I studied art history, religious studies and gender studies at the Karl-Franzens University (Graz, AT) and at Bochum. Currently I am working on an interdisciplinary dissertation project on intersectional discrimination and stereotyping processes using the example of the witch’s construct in Christian history. 
I am also a co-founder of the Gender and Religion Working Group (AKGR) of the German Association for Religious Studies (DVRW)The main focus of my work and research is on the study of transformation processes in the history of religion, in particular the transformation of intersectional discrimination and stereotyping and their medialization with a special focus on gender. Further research interests are the sociology of religion, gender / queer studies, violence research, religion in the educational context, the aesthetics and phenonemology of religion. I am part of the En-Gender team since 2020 and I appreciate the international exchange and the opportunity to exchange ideas with young researchers on the subject of religion and gender. What a great project!

Anna McEwan

Founder & Editor

I am a second-year PhD student at the University of Glasgow, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Scottish Graduate School. I am a Gender historian of the East German Democratic Republic (GDR); my research specifically considers gendered citizenship and the relationship between Communist regimes social welfare systems and women’s political loyalty to these regimes. I am preparing my PhD which focuses on the relationship between gendered citizenship and social care provision in East Germany between 1970 and 1990. I co-founded En-Gender! because I think that it is really important for young academics to engage with each other and to share their work so that they can have a form to publish. En-Gender enablers early researchers to receive feedback and critique on their work which is crucial for developing research.

Lucy Threadgold

Editor & Conference Management
(Lucy is not an active member anymore, but we love her so much that her profile stays online!)

Hi, I am Lucy. I recently completed an MSc in History with an emphasis on the History of Medicine at the University of Glasgow and my research focuses on the socio-economic history of medicine. My masters’ thesis examined 18th-century asylum architecture in Paris and London, comparing how economic, political, social and religious powers informed design, and how this changed to cater to male or female patients. My current interest, however, lies in the development of healthcare within the built environment, looking at the interaction between medicine and urban and suburban geography. Since my masters, I’ve become more involved with the wider historical community and this has led me to En-Gender, where I am very excited to read and help new research in a welcoming and friendly environment! 

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